Sunday, 24 May 2020

Silently in the Night by Clayton Graham (book review)

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Silently in the NightSilently in the Night by Clayton Graham
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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This collection of short stories feels like something of a 'jam session' from the author. Most of the stories are ideas put down on paper rather than carefully structured short stories in the traditional sense. Graham is a fan of traditional science fiction and there are plenty of representatives of the genre here, quick snapshots of a longer story. Indeed, there are chapters of two of Graham's published novels ('Milijun' and 'Saving Paludis') which hint at a better buy for your money. I'm afraid the others just didn't grab me. A decent short story still needs a beginning, middle and end for me to engage with it and most weren't that detailed and needed more. There are some good stories in there - the title story which opens the collection is a decent tale with a twist and and the closing story - 'Trapped' - a sweet story of love that finished thne book nicely. Of the sci-fi tales my favourite was 'Vanguard', a story that hints at something that could be explored further - like the dark side of the Moon where it is set. I'd have preferred to see those tales fleshed out bit and fewer stories.

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