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Knock Knock by Chris Merritt (book review)

Knock Knock by Chris Merritt  

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Knock Knock (Detectives Lockhart and Green Book #1)Knock Knock by Chris Merritt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, I'll start with the fact that I'm not sure what the title of this book is! I was sent an electronic advanced copy that was labelled as The Killing Hour but the text referred to Knock Knock as the title. I've found references to both so I'm going for Knock Knock as being a) most likely from what I can see and b) the better title.

Whatever it's called, it's the first in what is hopefully a series featuring Detective Inspector Dan Lockhart and his counsellor turned psychology consultant Lexi Green. Lockhart is troubled both by the disappearance of his wife, missing for so long that now he's the only one looking for her, and his time in the army and action in Afghanistan. Green is his therapist and she and Dan get closer as friends and, I'm sure, even closer as the series progresses. Yes, there's a huge plot sideline waiting to happen in a future book,

A killer is preying on lone women across London, killing them with no signs of disturbed entry or robbery. The monster has a quite unique and macabre calling card which unmistakeably links the murders but what links the motives? Lockhart and his team of characters wander the City and piece the lot together to pinpoint who the killer is and stop them before they complete their horrific statement.

This is a perfectly adequate Police procedural with decent characters that could develop into a good series if the background relationships go with it. As a thriller it's nothing new on top of th huge amount of shoice you already have but at e-book prices you can't go wrong. My main criticism is the lack of 'of course!' moments - you know the ones, where the main detective goes back to something you also knew and ties it in with others so that you wonder how youever missed it? Now mayve it's me but at those points I kept wondering where he'd pulled that from. Some things seemed conveniently thrown in at opportune moments, holes plugged just in time.

Don't let that put you off though, it's a decent read and as a linear story good fun (if that doesn't sound too weird a thing to say about serial killing).

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