Sunday, 3 September 2017

Music, curry and clowns - my week of freebies

I've decided to change the way I blog and move to a weekly summary rather than individual posts. I like posting about each freebie on Instagram but trying to come up with something each day about, say, a bottle of Coke can be burdensome. I'll still post book reviews on Goodreads rather than here and link through but all others will be below. I also aim to still give away as prizes any freebies that I've enjoyed but don't want to keep - usually books or DVDs. Follow by email (it's on the right, over there) to make sure you find out when. I might not even run a competition and just give bits away to a subscriber drawn out of a virtual hat.

So here goes...

Sunday started the week well with the culmination of the Town Hall Sessions free music festival in Glossop. It moved into town centre this year rather than being in Bankswood Park in neighbouring Hadfield and several pubs and clubs also held gigs. Due to other commitments I didn't get to see as much as I liked but I did catch the closing set from Rook and the Ravens and they were excellent, as expected. Quite a coup getting a decent band like this at a free festival. They've been going for a few years now and have a great catalogue of songs (and singers) to choose from. Great weather and a decent turn out - roll on next year.

Monday was a Bank Holiday and a chance to try a free sample of Simoniz car shampoo. Instruction were followed to the letter and the results were fine. Nothing more special than most other shampoos but no smears or marks so fair enough. First time I've actually enjoyed washing a car for a few years too, not sure why that was. It looked great all week until today. I had to park under a telegraph pole yesterday and now it's splattered with starling cack. Gits.

On Wednesday I spotted the smiling face of a jolly chap outside Leon's on Piccadilly Approach in Manchester. Nothing unusual about that but this chap was holding a tray of samples. Free food is always good even in small amounts, and Leon's is good food. The South Indian spiced fish was delicious. Nice chap informed coley from Scotland and it was lifted with a creamy coconut and turmeric sauce. Slightly spicy but not too much to take away from the fish, although coley does have a stronger flavour than most white fish and can carry off spices well. It was on a wee bed of Leon's rice that is a triumph in itself. It's brown rice and is also lightly spiced or dressed in something to give it some body. For those not in the know, Leon's does fast food in a healthy and generally ethical way. Walk in, tell them what you want and it's already cooked just like any other fast food joint. The difference is that this is healthy stuff cooked well. It's a pay day treat as ethics don't come cheap but it does make a change.
me that the fish was sustainably caught

Also on Wednesday was the usual Shortlist magazine, I'll write more on this another time but it's a free magazine I look forward to each week and go out of my way to get. As I do with the Manchester Evening News every Thursday - it's jobs day!

The week finished with me finishing off another book that I was lucky to win in one of Goodread's giveaways. Clown Wars : Blood & Aspic is dark humour or humorous horror, whichever way round you prefer. It's gruesome, sickening and genuinely funny and a clever satire on the state of the modern world. The pictures in my head were like scenes from the League of Gentlemen and the plot like a terry Pratchett. My full review is on Goodreads and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Nice of the author to comment on my review too.

So there it is, my week in freebies. Not a bad haul and not a penny spent on all those. I'll leave you with another freebie - a ten song Spotify playlist to see you through until next week.

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