Saturday, 11 March 2017

Once you pop...

Today's freebie - A 40g tube of Pringles

How did I get it? An online coupon from Pringles themselves, redeemed at the Co-Op

Quite a straightforward freebie this one. I spotted a link to a free tub, printed off the voucher and then took it along to my local supermarket. 10 minutes later I've popped the top and you know the rest.

Funny old thing, Pringles. They have a wonderful crunch and satisfy my saturated fat and salt cravings, but they're horribly processed. All mushed up spud (less than 50% is potato) put back together in a clever shape. The manufacturers (Procter & Gamble) even went to court to argue that it wasn't a potato crisp (which attracts VAT) but an ordinary food stuff (which doesn't) - they lost. The judges ruled that even though it was less than 50% it was reasonable to assume that it was a potato snack and therefore subject to VAT.

Politics, economics and morals aside, these took me about 30 seconds to demolish. Salty, fatty badness that nails that satisfying crunch in your mouth.

Keep your eyes open, these promotions run quite regularly.

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