Thursday, 16 March 2017

Moments of honesty

Today's freebie? Bruce Guynn & Big Rain fan freebie

Bruce Guynn & Big RainBruce Guynn seems like a good man. He loves his music and wants to share this with anyone who will listen. The band are hard working and use their music to support a lot of causes and Bruce's blog is honest and open. Bruce Guynn is literally living his dream. Sending him your name and an email address brings you 4 songs.

Described as 'crossover', this 4 song collection leans more towards country than anything else to my ears. There are sounds of steel guitars in the background, that twangy sound that lends itself well to melodies.

"Sweet inspiration" and "I'm not running" are country pop type songs, straightforward pleasers in a George Harrison kind of way. The songs are positive and upbeat, the lyrics perhaps a little basic.

"Angel in my room" is quite a personal song. The 'angel' in question is vague - is this a song about death or protection? Or could the vagueness be an accurate reflection of a true experience? Dreams can be mad old things, perhaps it's just a memory of one of those.

My pick of the bunch is "Moment of honesty", a song that moves closer to the blues and brought Robert Cray to my mind. There's a juicy bit of guitar work in this too.

The website headlines Bruce Guynn and Big Rain as "The cure for the working classes". It's easy to see why they retain a popularity in the States. The style is unlikely to garner a huge British following but fans of country rock will be pleased, and come on - Bruce is giving the songs away! 

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