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Fractured - a novel.

Today's freebie - Fractured by Clar Ni Chonghaile

How - A Goodreads freebie - the review below is from that site

FracturedFractured by Clar Ni Chonghaile
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This debut novel follows the experiences of 3 people - Peter Maguire, a journalist kidnapped and held for ransom in Mogadishu; Peter's mother, Nina, who has travelled to Somalia to try to get the release of her son; Abdi, a Somali youth coerced into working for the kidnappers and who, as Peter's guard, develops a relationship bordering on friendship with his captive.
Abdi assists in Peter's escape and together they head into the multitude of dangers that this part of the world holds. Peter's escape is also Abdi's escape - he wants to be free of the demands of kidnappers and from causing harm for a living. Nina also needs freedom from the burden of secrets she is carrying - finding Peter may well aid this release.
The author is a journalist who has covered and lived in many places, East Africa being one of them. This shows both in the knowledge of the profession displayed in the story and also in the depictions of the region and the understanding of its people.

This is a thriller but without the cliches of an airport paperback. The characters don't suddenly develop excellent gunmanship or the survival skills of an SAS soldier but without any training - they are plausible and garner empathy.

This is a fine debut that does thrill but also gives an experienced view of extreme journalism and the motivations of fundamentalism.

[I won this book through Goodreads]

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