Saturday, 11 February 2017

Do you want a postcard of an English Country Garden?

What did I get for free today? Gardens of the National Trust box of 50 postcards

How did I get it? A competition win

How can you get a postcard? Subscribe and send me your address by social media. Wherever you are.

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I started comping about 20 years ago and in those days a lot of them were 'answers on a postcard', something that will take fellow 40 somethings back to watching childrens' television as well as postal comps.

I've sent a fair few postcards over the years, but this requirement has dwindled over the past few years. This box should see me through the rest of my life although I am offering to send anyone that bothers to read this a free one, just to be lovely.

I'm not sure I would pay £12.99 for 50 postcards - I'm more of a pay-as-you-go kind of guy when it comes to these things. These do come in a sturdy box that stores like a book, it's a very high quality set as you would expect from the NT.

The pictures are from all over England with a few Wales and Northern Ireland ones thrown in (the NT doesn't cover Scotland which has it's own Trust). My absolute favourite is a view of the thatched cottage where Thomas Hardy was born. He's my literary hero and it really is a beautiful picture - I must go one day.

Lyme Park features and I spend a few happy hours walking the parkland here, it's the nearest NT property to me. Most properties are down South and with the slightly warmer weather it does seem that the gardens there are plentiful and flourishing.

Want one of these cards? Simply subscribe and send me a private message on one of my social media channels. This blog is mostly an escape and journal for my own pleasure and I suspect nobody ever reads it, so this is a little test. I'll send you a little note, wherever you are in the world. See - stamp collectors and postcard collectors both benefit!

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