Sunday, 5 February 2017

A plum job

Today's freebie? - A Regency Hamper of Winter in Venice rich plum goodies

And from whence? A competition win from Corgi Homeplan


This was a nice change from other wins. A hamper of any kind is always a treat - loads of goodies rather than one. I don't usually go in for the toiletries side of things unless they are proper manly, but this sounded pleasant so I had a punt. If you don't throw your balls around you don't win a coconut.

So what was in it? Bubble bath, shower gel, hand creams, bath salts, body lotion and several things with which to scrub and rub one's body.Throw in a bit of pot pourri and a handy wooden tub to hold them all and you've got a nice surprise after a knock on the door.

Question is - was it any good? Well put it this way, I didn't share it. The fragrance is a bit flowery rather than plummy but not feminine. Well, not to me anyway. The shower gel was a thick, proper gel affair - more jelly than gel. Lovely and strong that one, it didn't last long. Nor did the bubble bath or salts, I don't need many excuses to disappear into a warm bath with my book for an hour.

The creams are perhaps a bit more on the flowery side, I wasn't comfortable smelling of that on the train. Absolutely lovely for my daughter, but I'm looking at it from a rough-arsed bloke's point of view you know? Albeit a sensitive one in touch with my romantic side, of course.

The tools are high quality - the massage helps my plantar fasciitis (and tickles), the nail brush is solid wood. The loofah/sponge scrubby thing was OK for a while but soon lost shape. Still, I think these things are meant to be short-term affairs otherwise they must get full of dead skin. Nice.

So there you go, me all plummy and lovely and clean. £46 worth of pamper for nowt. A high class win and a nice treat, but if I were buying for a loved one, I'd probably settle for paying half that.

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