Sunday, 23 October 2016

Cow Pat hand cream. No, really.

Today's freebie? Cowshed's Cow Pat handcream

Charming. Who threw that at me? Stylist magazine

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OK, I'm not in the habit of reading women's fashion magazines. Stylist is a freebie (I should review it and it's brother publication Shortlist one day) given out in Manchester and other cities. I get a copy for Mrs Bestthingsinlife and sometimes have a punt at competitions where the prize is something I'd enjoy.

In this case it's a unisex hand cream. It's a posh one - £8 for 50ml - so should show results. So why the offputting name? Well, Cowshed were founded in a ... cowshed. It's a cowshed at Babington House, I grant you, so quite a nice one. They've grown and now have spas across the world and a range of products with names like Lazy Cow, Knackered, Cow Slip and this one, Cow Pat.

The smell is wonderful. Gently spicy and certainly not feminine at all. I put it on last thing at night and fall asleep smelling my hands. No, it's not weird.

Does it work? Well, I certainly felt some benefit when wearing it. Judge for yourself - I took before and after photos from the time I received the cream to when I finished it. I'd say it did it's job just fine.

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