Saturday, 6 August 2016

Brut Sport Style deodorant - a lot of pain for no gain

What did I get? Brut Sport Style deodorant

How did I get it? Sent freely for trial by Trnd

Ah, the great smell of Brut. The smell of my dad for a month after each Christmas in the 70s. Jousted with Old Spice as the smell of man when I was a young child. Left behind during the 80s as newer, fresher brands such as Insignia took over.
I'm assuming Brut has kept going in the intervening period but to be honest I couldn't say. Even in my forties it's still a brand I wouldn't choose as it seems a bit too old-fashioned, so it was an interesting experience to be given the chance to try it by Trnd. A parcel arrived with cards to give out, money of vouchers, some cricket fixture lists (Brut Sport Style sponsors a range of first class cricket stuff) and instruction in how to trial the deodorant. Some of that is geared towards a different sort of chap than I ("invite your mates round for a beer and take photos of you opening the package and trying the fragrance"; "take it to the gym and discuss the new fragrance") which sounds a bit forced. I did open it with the kids though, took some photos of the packaging (I don't put myself in my photos) and had a go.

The design is the best bit of this new Brut. Great colours and a sturdy squirter. Sadly, that's the most positive thing I can say.

The first spray is one I'll remember for a long time. About a second after applying I gave a sound like Tom when Jerry traps his tail in a mousetrap and had a face like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. Jeez, does it sting. Really sting. I've used loads of deodorants over the years and never known a sting like this.

So it must be strong, right? Wrong. This is the most disappointing part of the whole 'Sports' thing - it hardly works. Most quality deodorants still smell at the end of the day but this stopped smelling in mid-afternoon and by the time I got to bed I smelled like a hadn't bothered putting deodarnt on at all - not nice.
I drive a desk for a living and don't do gyms but I do walk a fair bit. Let's be fair to Brut and say that maybe there's some magic ingredient that is triggered by hard exercise and I didn't trigger it.

The smell is an improvement on traditional Brut, which I didn't mind anyway. It still smells a bit like Brut but more modern (can a smell modernise? Probably not, I think I'm being pretentious there) but it's a shame I didn't get much chance to smell it. Maybe a couple of hours each day, nowhere near what I get from other brands. A thumbs down on this one.

A word for Trnd - the package received is good and they prompt in a timely manner for feedback. They're a marketing company and not involved with the brand, my poor review of Brut shouldn't reflect on Trnd.

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