Friday, 8 July 2016

How do you like them apples?

What did I get? Apples

How? Right place, right time. A leftover buffet at someone else's workplace.

Another long gap between posts. I'm having a very busy work period and was working away for much of the pat week. Plus, I've been short of freebies for the past few weeks.

With all my freebies I post after I have tried/tested/used/visited them. There's no point in judging or reviewing otherwise. I've actually got dozens of books, DVDs and other stuff I've received (literally, dozens) but until I've managed to try them I shan't post.

So I was leaving work today and heard a shout calling me into a shared meeting facility. Another organisation had finished a large meeting and the cleaner was reluctant to throw all the food away. It's sinful how much hospitality food goes to complete waste.

An apple for each of the family. Granny Smiths and average in quality. I have no idea who supplied them so it's not much of a review but there you go - it'll keep the doctor away.

Have a playlist about apples.

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