Thursday, 21 July 2016

Free milk, but I prefer Accrington Stanley

What did I get? A small bottle of milk

How did I get it? Freely given away in Manchester

I hate the taste of milk. At 5 years old I remember being told to drink my free bottle at school and thinking, I really don't like this and never have. I've not drunk it in over 40 years.
I know it's a shame, it's a healthy thing. I encourage my kids to drink as much as possible and we get our milk delivered by a milkman from the dairy to keep prices fair to the farmer. Please do this if you can, Britain's dairy herds can't survive much longer at the prices supermarkets are paying and for an extra 3p per pint I am making a difference.

It's all about the taste, I think. I can drink chocolate milk with no problems but any other flavours don't mask it enough for me. Cream and milky products in food are hit and miss. I don't mind a fresh cream cake if I get enough of the other flavours to combat the taste of milk. Warming milk for porridge and the like? That really turns my stomach.
There really isn't much in the way of food and drink i won't eat. I think milk and particularly strong goats cheeses are the only thimngs that my body rebels against. It's not an allergy or intolerance, I'm fine with it - it's just the taste.

It's weird when you think about it. If I were to say I like breast milk there would be cried of outrage (I probably don't like it, but I haven't tried it since I was a bab) but that's from my species and my start in life. Yet drinking from a cow is perfectly acceptable once your mother's dried up. I'm not ridiculing it, it's healthy stuff, but it just seems odd. Who was the first person to look at a cow's udders and put two and two together and go for it?

Anyway, this is a rubbish review of Cravendale milk because I didn't try it. But bless the fine people in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, who gave thousands of bottles away for free on one of the hottest days of the year. Cheers.

Here's Dr Feelgood - Milk & Alcohol

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