Saturday, 21 May 2016

Cross & Blackwell chicken soup & microwaveable mug

What did I get? A tin of roast chick & vegetable soup and a plastic mug to microwave it in

Where from? A giveaway win from Cross & Blackwell

Food is always a welcome freebie. This one came with a bonus microwave mug too, a little victory all round.

Cross & Blackwell have introduced a range called 'Best of British' and one assumes this is an attempt to put a Sunday dinner into a tin. Is it tasty? Yes, it is. Does it taste of Sunday roast? No, of course not.

Where the 'roast' part of the roast chicken comes into this I don't know. It tastes like the chicken you get it any tin of soup. Maybe it was roasted before being chopped into tiny pieces for soup, but with modern industrial methods I doubt it. decent sized chinks, though.

The vegetables too are chunky. Lovely bug pieces, especially the spuds. All the components of a Sunday dinner without the fuss and washing up, and most of the taste. Great as a soup though.

The ingredients are all British and there are no preservatives. The soup is as good as most others on the tinned shelf, but nothing special.

The mug is useful. A screw top lid with small holes to allow the pressure to escape, it now lives in my locker at work. The actual tin fits in quite neatly, handy for carrying from home. When opened, the tin fills about two thirds of the mug, meaning that you get fit a supersize tin in quite easily. It cleaned well and should last a few years - other similar products degrade quite quickly, time will tell.

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