Monday, 23 May 2016

Beans for a good cause

What did I get? Some jelly beans

How? I'm a supporter

Yes, this counts as a freebie. The Charity for Civil Servants is a cause I have supported for a few years, even though I'm no longer a civil servant. Civil servants are often seen as bowler hatted yes men making lives a misery or being incompetent. Apart from the bowler hat I know people who fit that bill, but not many.

The vast majority of civil servants are conscientious, scrupulous, hard working people who have the unenviable job of carrying out the policies of the government you voted for. Many are poorly paid, are at the front line of angry members of the public, have very stressful jobs and are the unseen cogs that keep public life moving. Their careers are at the whim of politicians who can destroy work in one carelessly thought out policy.

Most cope. Most accept it as part of public service and get on with things. Some don't, they suffer mental health issues, relationship problems and in some cases financial problems. This charity provides someone to turn to and seek assistance when times are too hard.

People like me choose to support this charity to help those people. We never know when we might need the help ourselves. The charity's URL is - we look out for each other.

I would have taken a photo of the beans but they disappeared. Magic beans.

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