Saturday, 9 April 2016

Why I'm fat

What did I get? A steak, red wine and mushroom pie.
How did I get it? Doing what I do best.

A return from a week's holiday and an unexpected little freebie. My local football club have a loyalty scheme during the course of a season. If you buy 10 pies you get the 11th free. Today was my 11th pie, so I'm claiming it for the blog as today's little victory - I had my money out ready to pay and the pie was free!

The pies are supplied to Glossop North End FC by Mettrick's and I've been enjoying them for years. They are award winners and one of the many reasons why I love watching my local team - affordable entry, friendly atmosphere, you can watch the match wherever you want, no segregation needed.

My choice of freebie pie was steak red wine and mushroom. Even when not given freely it's a steal at just £1.50 (the peas and gravy were an extra 50p, I paid for that).

Look at that lean chunky steak, all cuddled up with mushrooms in a red wine gravy. The pastry was sweet, moist and held shape well.  These are award winning pies from an award winning butcher - you won't find better value at any ground at any level.

We lost 1-0. Hey-ho.

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