Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ribena - a berry welcome freebie

What did I get today? A bottle of blackcurrant Ribena light.
Where from? Given away freely at Manchester Piccadilly Rail Station

A nice little freebie today. I arrived at Piccadilly at just after 8am to find marketeers dishing out free bottles of Ribena from a huge pallet load that probably took about an hour to dispense.

I do like blackcurrant Ribena, it's gorgeous. It's had a poor press recently as we all become more aware of healthy drinking and doesn't help itself by saying "only 10 calories per 250ml" on the bottle - a 500ml bottle. It's factually accurate but why not state there are 20 calories in the bottle? It's deceptive and the wording that suggests the bottle contains 2 servings equally small. Who buys a bottle like this for 2 servings?

There are no added sugars, artifical colours or preservatives. This is a step in the right direction for drinks manufacturers and personally I don't think there are many tastier soft drinks out there. My son had a taste and first commented on the smell ("berryness"), and decided the drink was berry delicious.

Pineapple and passion fruit flavour was also being given away. I'm not travelling by train tomorrow :(

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