Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Flip that fish

What did I get? A fish slice
Where did I get it? A competition win from Fish is the Dish

I love fish. It's healthy, many varieties are reasonably priced and it's delicious. It's remarkably versatile too - how about kedgeree or a jugged kipper for breakfast, smoked salmon sandwiches or pilchards on toast for lunch and proper fish and chips for tea? Most people don't eat enough and it's easy to cook too.

The fish slice is oddly named isn't it? It doesn't slice anything when used properly. It should be a fish flipper but that's probably just rubbing a dead fish's nose in it.

I'm not going to review this as I don't think it can be bought so a review wouldn't help you much. I just like keeping a record of my little victories. Suffice to say it's an excellent quality tool in chrome steel or something and engraved with Fish is the Dish. Take a look at the deliscious recipes on their site and get yourself healthy.

Here's a playlist of fish related songs to entertain you.

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