Thursday, 10 March 2016

Do a doodle on a Dodo-Pad why don't you?

What did I get? A Dodo-Pad

Where from? A competition win from Mums Club

I feel a little bit bad about this. Mums Club is obviously a blog for mums (which I'm not) but I do visit a number of sites like this. Dads' interests are usually covered by specific sites relating to sport, food, music, whatever. Blogs aimed at Dads don't speak to me, I don't know why - maybe it's a bit of jealousy that they all seem much more perfect dads than me. Am I falling into a typical social media trap?
Mums' blogs are in a more competitive sector and so the best stand out and I am more comfortable reading these in a detached manner. They are well written, perfectly targeted and (hopefully) an enjoyable and rewarding independent industry to be working in.  Mum's are a massive presence in blogging and a huge source of publicity, so they get some decent competition prizes too.
Going back to the perfect dad thing, maybe I'm envious that they seem to get so much time doing exciting stuff and then producing professional looking, well written blogs. That was an excellent link of mine to my latest freebie - a Dodo-Pad.
The Dodo-Pad describes itself as a 'combined diary-doodle memo-message engagement organiser calendar-book'. Apparently they've been going for 50 years, but it's the first I've heard of the matter.
The pad is set out in a week-to-page format with a free page to the left for scribbling. The bestest part of the pad is in the daily grid - there are 5 columns for each page. I suppose you can use these columns for whatever you want - work, school, play, food, telly for example. Being a family of 5 ours is easily assigned to each person so we can keep track of what each of the kids is doing each day or where I'm working.
I don't know if anyone still has those fancy seats in the hallway which had a table attached where the phone sat so you could phone your girlfriend/mother/speaking clock whilst twirling the cord around your finger? Probably not in this age of cordless phones, and we don't have a hallway to put one in. Anyway, this would be perfect for a table like that which is a useful fact I have given you and you're welcome. Leave it out and encourage doodling. I agree with the intro page of the Dodo-Pad which  doodling eases tension (and probably gives some scary insight into your evil mind) and the makers have started you off a few times.  
The Dodo-Pad is daft and useful, like me. And mums.

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